Down the rabbit hole

The more I think about how to set goals in a healthy and productive way, the more questions I have about what that means in the first place. There are some questions that I’ve been rolling around in my head for weeks (actually months) but they keep leading to more questions. Thankfully, that doesn’t scare me away or overwhelm me. It feeds my curiosity. If any of these questions strike you, send me an email and let me know your thoughts:

  • What is a goal? What is its purpose?

  • What is motivation? Where does it come from?

  • Which comes first: motivation or goals? Is it a cycle? Are they the same?

  • How do you respond to not meeting your goals? Does this answer inform the purpose of goals?

  • What is the value of internal vs. external motivating factors?

  • Are your goals tied to your self-worth?

  • How easily do you set goals? How easily do you meet them?

  • Is there a difference in how you approach a goal when you think of “meeting,” “attaining,” “achieving,” or even “exceeding” said goal?

  • How do you know what attainable/achievable/appropriate goals are?

  • If you constantly exceed your goals, how do you adjust them so they help you to grow beyond what you are already capable of?

  • If you set goals that are not within your immediate capabilities, how do you know what is an appropriate goal?

  • Does a goal automatically imply a timeline for you?

  • Do you accept progress toward a goal or do you ignore it? Is it all or nothing?

  • What are other words that you associate with “goal” and what do you consider the closest synonyms?

I’ll stop there for now. “Goal” no longer looks like a real word on the screen.

Alexandra Kassouf