TEACHING: Voice, Movement, and Alexander Technique

Voice Lessons:

I teach voice lessons through the lens of the Alexander Technique, encouraging students to sing with the whole self - regardless of style. You are your instrument!

I am available for private lessons and masterclasses. For information about rates and scheduling, please send me an email through the contact page.

Movement Coaching for singers:

As singers, we must acknowledge that we are physical performers. What we do requires tremendous physical and spatial awareness, as well as coordination, excellent cardiovascular health, and a broad vocabulary of movement. You are your instrument! Often, we overlook training the entire self in the coordination of singing and focus too narrowly on our definition of our instrument.

I am available for individual and small group movement coachings for singers, using the tools that have helped to advance and inform my own singing. Send me an email through the contact page for rates and scheduling.

Check back for upcoming movement courses!

Alexander Technique:

What is the Alexander Technique? To be honest, I find the name to be misleading. It isn’t a discipline or a set of exercises. It is a way of learning to find more ease in what you are already doing. I initially became interested in the technique as a way to help me become a better singer. It didn’t take me long to realize that lessons were providing me a foundation of ease and freedom from which to move. That quality of being has allowed me to improve my experience of many of the activities of everyday life, not to mention activities that require training and skill.

I am available for private lessons and workshops. For more information about finding ease and freedom in everyday movement, send me an email through the contact page.